Workday Wear is a collaborative creative studio founded in Olivebridge, NY in 2016. Our work is based on the values we hold dear in everyday life: a love of essential things, elegant utilitarianism, and kindness. Our ambition is to produce timeless, functional workday wear that serves a purpose, is community focused, carries a story and is Handmade in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Inspired by the strong, hard-working people who settled our rugged and inspirational community sparked the theme for this collection. This was the uniform worn by our people: local church ladies working to feed a family in need, an artist out in a bucolic field grabbing the last bit of brilliant light, a farm worker pulling in a load of freshly dug potatoes, a shopkeeper sweeping the sidewalk in front of their store, the women who joined the Women’s Land Army during WWII and plowed, planted, and harvested the nations crop. These are the true heroes who inspire our work.